Inspired by the enduring strength and integrity of the medieval castle overlooking Gaeta, Italy and the U.S. SIXTH Fleet, KASTELLUM represents our company’s enduring commitment to excellence for our clients and our people.

Founders and Managing Partners Paul Kennett and Stone Davis met as naval officers on the SIXTH Fleet staff during the early stages of Operations ENDURING and IRAQI Freedom.  As fortune would have it, they connected again at U.S. Central Command in Tampa, Florida during the mid 2000s, Paul serving as Chief of Intelligence Plans in the Intelligence Directorate and Stone as Chief of the National Security Agency’s CENTCOM Services Group.  

Upon retirement, KFORCE Government Solutions (KGS), also in Tampa, asked Paul and Stone to establish a new Intelligence & Security Solutions (ISS) Business Division within the company.  As KGS vice presidents, they built and were responsible for all aspects of the new Business Unit – business development, operations, recruiting/personnel, and profit & loss.  They worked proposals, helping their business partners win significant contracts under the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) and U.S. Central Command, and in two years grew ISS to over 23 employees and several million dollars in revenue.

Realizing their entrepreneurial spirit, and wanting the freedom of maneuver to focus on quality support to their clients, fair treatment of their employees, and true financial success, Paul and Stone built on their experience founding the business division at KGS, and established KASTELLUM Group in January of 2013.  Since then they have teamed with quality partners to support U.S. Central Command.